How to Provide Feedback

Share your Budgeat experiences, follow our guide for feedback.

We're working hard to build a product that you love, which is why during this early phase your feedback is especially valuable. We'd really appreciate your input and honest feedback and below are a few ways you can provide it.

Providing feedback through the app

We want to make submitting feedback as simple and intuitive as possible, which is why we've provided the option to submit feedback directly through the app. Just follow the instructions below.

1. By shaking your phone vigorously (yes, you read that right!) you will be shown a menu with several options to pick the appropriate type of feedback.

  • Report an issue - Did your app crash? Is text not appearing correctly? Let us know so we can fix it!

  • Request a feature - Is there a specific feature or functionality you'd like to suggest? Send your ideas along so we can consider them for future versions.

  • Send a message - If you're confused about something, or there's anything general you'd like to let us know please don't hesitate to ask and someone from our team will get back to you.

2. You can also go to the user profile tab and submit feedback through the “Give Feedback” menu option. You'll be presented the same menu as when you shake your phone, but it requires more steps and more time (nobody has time for that.)

Providing feedback via email

We understand that the above option might not always be the most convenient, especially for longer forms of feedback, so we also welcome emails at If possible, please indicate in the subject line what type of feedback you're submitting so our team can resolve urgent issues faster.

If you're unable to provide feedback through the app because the feedback menu is broken, or just prefer email, please reach out to us at

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